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Bradford, ON, Canada
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What is a Professional Organizer?

"A professional who provides ideas, information, structure, solutions and systems to increase productivity, reduce stress, save time and energy, and lead to more control over space and time."

~ NAPO (National Assocation of Professional Organizers)

A Professional Organizer analyzes your situation and plans a methodical strategy to combat the problem areas. Special care is given to meet personal needs and styles. A plan of action is then carried out, and individualized systems are created that bring organization to your home.

Residential Organizing includes kitchens, closets, drawers and garages, to business organizing including desks, offices, filing systems and time management. Other services include wardrobe consulting, project management, records management, packing/unpacking and move organizing, space planning and computer consulting.

Do you need a Professional Residential Organizer?

Most people feel they don't need the help of a professional. Their rationale is based on the belief that they have the necessary skills to organize themselves given the time. If you feel this way then you can ask yourself..."How long have I been telling myself that I'm going to get more organized?" By hiring a Professional Organizer, you are getting the motivation you need.

Another common thought is that an organized friend or relative can help. In some cases this may work, but there is the chance of disastrous results. Criticism, misunderstandings, opinions and judgements can reek havok. Ask yourself, "Is getting organized worth the possible stress between me and my family and friends?" A Professional Organizer is non-judgemental and understanding. Their opinions are professional and sensitive to your personal needs and feelings.

Overwhelmed is a common term used by people who contact Professional Organizers. The task at hand has become so great that "there is no end in site" and "the beginning is nowhere to be found." Professional Organizers are skilled at handling such situations. The large task is broken down into manageable steps. Having someone present who can direct and encourage is necessary for some people.

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